Bespoke furniture hand-crafted in Buckinghamshire since 1984

Alan Cooper Cabinetmaker  Ltd.

mainly manufactures for A&C Designs Ltd.

Currently booked by existing customers for the foreseeable future.

Please click here for A&C Designs where you can also contact Alan or Carol Cooper

Serving a

25 mile radius of Aylesbury

Mobile: Alan Cooper


Alan Cooper Cabinetmaker Ltd. operates from Ford Village near Aylesbury.

He has a passion for passing on the skills acquired over many years to the younger generation. He believes it is especially important since opportunities where this is happening to this level have become hard to find in this country.

Alan working on an oak staircase a number of years ago..

Alex assembling an oak door in 2018

Jamie and Alan making Windsor style seats for a snooker room bench seat in 2018